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I put this here because the 2 posts in 3  column widths made me @#$*ing nuts.         4 cups of coffee & a sudden wealth of unexpected free time will mess with you like that…… Read the rest

Shit Don Draper Doesn’t Say


Not long ago, an ostensibly manly, self-assured friend of mine was asked what he was eating for lunch.  In an instant, he announced:

“ This is Gluten-free Quinoa Millet bread and it’s delicious!!”

Immediately, the culprit for this verbal shit-show was obvious to anyone within earshot: Mad Men had been on hiatus for nearly a year.… Read the rest

Look, a blog.

Stumbling across this blog, I sense your thrill of discovery:    “ Sweet! Another fucking blog, because the first 21,500,003 were leaving a palpable void in the online canon of self-published self-involvement…”  

Trust me, I’m with you.   37 words into my first post let’s get this right out in the open: My wife is making me blog. … Read the rest